Romantic songs... Oh how I loathe those Latin ballads about being together and basking in their love forever. I do however enjoy those classic rock ballads and truly good romantic music is perfectly acceptable for me, as long as it's not a sappy love song that makes you want to roll your eyes and see last night's meal splattered  all over the floor. 

Exhibit A) "El Amor"
There are many reasons why I detest this song, first of all the rhythm, secondly the lyrics and third but not least,
 his voice. The lyrics of this song seem like a six year old wrote them in the midst their first teacher crush. It's pretty much ridiculously obnoxious, even more with his voice sounding like he has a lawn mower
 for vocal chords and seems like he is technically speaking, not singing at all. 

Exhibit B) "Un Beso" 
It's funny how all sappy and irritating songs have an annoying and squeaky voice mixed with a repetitive beat. Some people consider this a romantic song, I think it's a horn ball singing about spotting an attractive woman and instantly jumping on her on the first chance he gets. I think it's horribly written and it's all about what a kiss is. Really? This song is an overdramatic description of two strangers sharing saliva. 

Luckily, there are equally as good love songs and some that you just can't help but sing along to. 
Some of them  just as emotional and repetitive but the quality in lyrics, vocals and well... Music in general is completely different from those which make us want to facepalm ourself to oblivion when it's even just mentioned.  
#1) "Farewell Rocketship"
I like this song mainly because I would like someone to dedicate it to me. I've had it replaying in my mind for days now  and escaping to a new planet with only one other person that matches you sounds perfect. Without being too  serious or sentimental,  it manages to be original and just a tad unusual, it seems just right for me.

#2) "I'm Old Fashioned"
Chet Bakers voice is so charming, soft and soothing; I can listen to it for hours. The instrumental is lovely and I can really relate to this song,  Im quite old fashioned and if I were to spend my time 
with someone else I'd like it to be and feel like this song, simple yet enchanting,  

 All this talk about love brings me to anti-love songs. 

#1) "Loveless"
Although there are many that could be considered anti-love anthems, that go directly to bashing it in every way, there are others as this one. Even though it's not as direct, it has the same effect. It kees alive the fact that we all crave love in some way even if we try to hide it, like when you acquire it and suddenly it‘s gone. It‘s the human condition.

#2) "Go Your Own Way"
While describing a bittersweet relationship with it's ups-downs and push-pulls, this song manages to be lovely and realistic. Even more being written when the band members were also having problems of their own and made the album  to avoid breaking it up. It's relatable, catchy and quite pleasant to listen to.
Valentine'day has always been pretty normal for me, I don'really celebrate it in any way besides the usual 
giving out the cards when I was in elementary school, of course that stopped once I began to keep them for 
myself because I didn't want to share my limited edition Wizard Of Oz cards. During the younger years I 
would be showered in gifts without really trying, there would always be at least one boy that would give me 
presents, candy and the usual ways of showing affection but I never replied. I just accepted the gifts without 
accepting their proposals. Along the years I became more unnoticed and I wasn't getting the same attention, 
I liked this though considering I never really felt any attraction to the ones that had wanted to be my valentine 
the years before. The best February 14th I have had was probably one during high school, they had a party but 
I spent the day sitting in the bleachers in the back of the school just talking to my two friends. Although it 
sounds simple, to me it was the most significant and the only one I truly remember.
2/21/2013 00:36:15

I must say the only two songs I recognized were the ones you hate. But the other songs do sound like pretty good ones, the one I think I have heard is Fleetwood Mac. Your taste in music is different but in a good way, its not the usual and I think it does match with you.

2/26/2013 06:45:34

Just like Alenie the only two songs I know are the ones you hate lol I've got to say that I do think too that Tito "El Bambino" song "El Amor" is really pathetic, just like you said a child could've wrote those lyrics lol

3/2/2013 00:33:23

"I'm Old Fashioned" by Chet Bakers I had never heard it before but now I am so attracted to it.! Just like you said: his voice and the beautiful lyrics =] Even though I've never heard of the artists on your blog post, thanks for sharing them, I quite enjoyed them. Oh and the first 2 you hated I also hate xD


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