There are many things about my home land Puerto Rico that I like and dislike. Sadly, there are more things about out current society that I dislike. It's evident that our country is in process of deterioration. Puerto Rico used to be known to other countries as an island with polite and down to earth people who welcomed everyone. This has changed and most of the people, specially the new generation in schools, have lost their positive values, morals and politeness towards the rest. Violence is everywhere and these acts are praised by others, as if by "beating someone up" means defending your honor and earning respect. This is very noticeable in public schools, being an ex student of a Puerto Rican public school I must say that it's one of the most horrible places to grow up and educate yourself. This is where we see all of the society's negative characteristics heightened. This is scary because these are the people who will be the next generation of leaders in P. Rico. 

 The close mindedness and lack of desire for exploring and knowledge is largely present in our society. This bothers me a lot, it seems that to most people everything outside of Puerto Rico doesn't matter, doesn't interest them or seems like too much work to actually try and learn about it. The overly sense of patriotism affects this as well, for they are blinded by eliminating all options that may in any way incorporate things of other cultures. This works to the point that they refuse to even learn or read about other customs. In Puerto Rico when the chance was given to teach English in every public school more intensively for kids to learn at the same time they're learning Spanish there was a lot of negative reaction from a big part of the community. The public stated that by learning this language which is the main one in the US, we are losing touch with our roots, ruining our culture, stabbing the back of our country and confusing the kids by preventing them to learn any language well. This is not true, it's been proven that when children are young they learn languages much easier, and I am proof myself that it's possible to learn two languages at the same time when you're quite young. It seems that they feel like we are owned territory to the US therefore we shouldn't learn this. I think it's a very closed minded kind of thinking, because no matter what language you learn it's always helpful for any situation that you might find yourself in, specially English since it's so popular. Most countries have a minimum requirement of learning more than two languages, and personally I think P. Rico has to start keeping up with the rest because we're falling behind. 

Some of these problems can also be seen around the world, where violence and lack of values are taking over society and the young ones. Their minds are being polluted by what they see on the internet, tv, from other, etc. Children are growing up too fast, and adults dying too young. It's an epidemic and it's unlikely to stop. Things were bad before but it's getting much worse as we can see through the news and from own experiences. 

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