I'm currently in process of changing my major in college, which means technically I'm still studying two things. I take pre-law and media courses(communication studies), I think this reflects on the topics I've chosen to research. 

These are:
. Scripted vs. unscripted entertainment
. The root causes behind violent crimes
. Subliminal messages in children's movies

I could easily spend hours browsing information about these topics, but I agree with the thought that research begins with formulating a critical and personal view, I'll try to write about these with only my personal thoughts on them. 

Scripted vs. unscripted entertainment
     Although unscripted entertainment keeps us interested and possibly the spontaneity of it gives it a fresh and realistic feel, I believe those which are scripted have a chance to be better thought out and the message it wants to send may be more accurate. I assume that unscripted entertainment must have a plan before happening, but not being scripted beforehand may possibly cause the entertainers to come up with spur of the moment actions or topics that are not favorable for the public. By this I don't mean it will not entertain them, it most probably will but it can steer away from the purpose of what is being communicated or simply turn into what we could call "pure entertainment", with no purpose or important message to give at all.  

The root causes behind violent crimes
      Violent crime is a very actively discussed topic in society, but it should be treated with caution. If we pay attention
to the media we can see that the news that make the front page and the box office movies are related  directly or
indirectly with violent crimes or violence in general. Even if it's become a rather common topic, people rarely speak
of the root causes behind violent crimes, but of the action itself. There are just so many possible reasons, but I will just
mention those which I find most evident and yet not analyzed by much. That being said, I believe that even though
not in all cases, growing up in what  we would call a dysfunctional home since childhood may lead them develop a
violent nature and in the future act on it. Not just family, but violence and problems adapting, also the influence of
what is seen in media, the environment they are(ex. school) and even certain life changing experiences or accidents
can also be a part of this. Even if this is so, I think it's all these elements working together, possibly along with a
distorted view of reality and personality disorders that really lead the individuals  to take such actions against others. 

Subliminal messages in children's movies
      This is something we see everyday but most of the time don't really notice. Along the years I have been able to
identify a considerably large number of hidden messages in children's movies. These include racism, violence, sexual
references and euphemisms, political influence, etc. Whether these are intentional or not is not easily proven,  but it
is surely known that these are existent and in abundance. Children are exposed to subliminal messages that slowly but
surely affect their subconscious,  affecting the actions and decisions they make. This will keep going on and will not
stop as long as they're exposed to as much media as children are in our current type of society, where TV sets have in
some cases become their nannies and best friends. Subliminal messages in children's movies are here to stay and better hidden with time and the majority of us will continue being oblivious  to the fact.

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