. "Cafrerías"
. Small talk.
. Awkward Silences.
. Not having a car. 
. Feeling out of my comfort zone. 
. The show "The Big Bang Theory".
. The Phineas and Ferb theme song and everything about it in general.
. Forced conversations with annoying and incredibly sweaty people.
Cher Lloyd
. Asumptions. 
. Needy people. 
. Flip flops and socks... At the same time.
. Fanny Packs. 
. Stereotypes. 
. Being constantly instructed/corrected by my mother.
. Spoilers. 
. People who make a big deal(whinning) out of people who make big deals out of things. 
. Phones ringing. Phone calls... Phones. 
. Not being home. 
. My sister.
. Slow internet. 
. Password protected WIFI.
. Being approached by random people. 
. Surprise visits. 
. Deadlines. 
. The Sun.
. The Beach. 

.The smell of pineapple. 
. The color pink.
. Dark Chocolate and everything that has to do with it.
. Acne. 
. Not having big breasts. 
. Looking like crap 24/7. 
. Having no control over my emotions. 
. Caring. 
. Not caring. 
. Anxiety Attacks. 
. Period/cramps/being a woman in general. 
. Math. 
. Doing the dishes. 
. Alarm Clocks.
Most of my bothers seem to be either about my surroundings or myself. The selected in my social list are things that annoy me about society and things that surround me when I'm outside and when I'm out of my comfort zone. It seems that much of it has to do with technical things rather than anything very life changing. My personal list mostly concentrates on things that bother me more up close and mentally, they are uncomfortable to just think about and I would very much enjoy not having to deal with them. 

When reviewing my list I realize that there is not much in common between both of my lists, and they cannot be easily connected. My social list tends to talk about problems related most to culture and socializing. Although there are some problems that can be found in Puerto Rico, I tend to be  bothered by simple things that can be considered to be quite usual in every type of environment. 

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