Although  for many this  photograph might not catch their eye or get their slightest attention, it seems quite extraordinary to me. I say this because my sight feels at ease when I observe  it, no matter how long I do. The coloring also makes it seem as if it was taken some decades ago. With this image I can easily mentally teleport myself to that scenery, it makes it effortless to instantly imagine a story that would take place there. It screams lonesomeness and loss, mystery and solitude.  Ironically, I can also see peace and silence, which brings me comfort. The only words I can use to describe  this photo with would be: The beginning of the end. 

I can think of... 
       On a Wednesday afternoon, a young and pale girl around eight years old decides to get on her bright red bicycle and ride around her small neighborhood. Her name was Olive. She combed her short red hair and put on her favorite, and overly used pair of saddle shoes, expecting to be back before her mother got home from the neighbor's house. She didn't want her to worry because of her mom's so called GAD. She didn't have a clue what that meant, but it certainly seemed like a fancy word to her while she eavesdropped from the staircase during one of her parents' daily discussions. She also liked the words flaky and erratic, the first made her think of beautiful white snowflakes and the latter just seemed smart to her. Her mother was too distracted with the conversation she was having with the nosy neighbor about her problems with her husband, and failed to notice that Olive had been gone for almost three hours. She'd been riding all that time, once she began she just couldn't stop but didn't know why, she just wanted to keep going farther away. Although she was already lost, Olive stopped when she saw a lake, she'd never seen anything that intriguing before. She wasn't allowed to go to these places because of her overprotective mother knew she couldn't swim and wanted to avoid anything happening altogether, even more because she had always been so curious. But she was all alone this time, to do as she pleased. She thought "'They probably haven't even noticed I'm gone. Just a quick look. After all, nobody's looking." She didn't think it twice, left her bike next to the road and walked down to the lake, she thought it funny to try to find a fish in it. 

(This story is leading towards what most of you would consider a sad end. I'd like you to tell me what you want to happen next... Maybe the outcome will be different,)

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