What happened on the 20th was an important moment in the modern history of Puerto Rico. This is of course, because two
groups of people got together in front of El Capitolio to stand up for their beliefs. In this case it is discussed if the Law 54 should protect all couples from abuse within it, no matter their sexual orientation. What is at stake in this situation is everything that holds a community together. I say this because no matter their decision, there is no way that it will end in a way where there will be peace for any of the parties. Another thing that is at stake is the future, the way that families will be raised, the environment they will be in and of course everything in society will be affected by this decision; it will eventually change sexual education at school in the long run and everything in between. One side would be the ones against the rights of marrige and the others that come along with it, people assume they are all christians but everyone that says they are "supporting the family" are included. The other party would be the ones that are in favor of laws dictating that couples of the same sex will be able to be married and have such rights as the Law 54. I think this is a very important issue, mainly because this decision affects other decisions in the future and everyone in the community. It will also open doors for other rights to be demanded along with it in the near future. It represents where the future is going and how things will be dealt later on. It can certainly be considered an important moment in history, because this is not only happening in Puerto Rico but it's happening all around the world and it surely has influence in the decisions that will be made for the next generations that come after us. 

I feel that although this is a sensitive subject for us all, I must share what I think about the subject. We all think we know 
what is best for the community, which is why we try to be heard by the rest and the easiest and most effective way to do 
this is  by forming groups and express these thoughts together. Perhaps these two sides act so fiercely defending what they 
belief because of how strong they feel about them and how they think it could affect significantly the rest, our sons and 
daughters and their kids. I myself respect same sex couples and believe that your sexual orientation does not define 
you as a person or who you are, rather than your sexual preference. Although I do accept, respect and do not judge them 
for their preference, I do not support gay marriage. As a christian and as myself I do believe that this law is a good 
option to protect every type of couple, but I am against it because in my opinion it's obvious for the gay community 
this will open doors to continue to ask for marriage rights, altering education, etc. I think this is a good change in the 
law but sadly not for the society we currently live in. We are protected by other laws and I think that besides these 
difficult and sensitive matters we should all have equal protection from abuse from anyone. We are not our sexual 
orientation.I am still unsure of what will be the final result of this, but hopefully there can be an understanding between 
both parties and have an agreement in which we can all benefit of as a society.
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