Things that grumpify me:
. The smell of pineapple.
. "Cafrerías"
. The color pink.
. Small talk.
. Awkward Silences.
. Dark Chocolate and everything that has to do with it.
. Not having a car.
. Acne.
. Feeling out of my comfort zone.
. The show "The Big Bang Theory".
. The Phineas and Ferb theme song and everything about it in general.
. Forced conversations with annoying and incredibly sweaty people.
. Not having big breasts.
. Looking like crap 24/7.
. Having no control over my emotions.
. Caring.
. Not caring.
. Cher Lloyd.
. Asumptions.
. Needy people.
. Anxiety Attacks.
. Flip flops and socks... At the same time.
. Fanny Packs.
. Period/cramps/being a woman in general.
. Math.
. Stereotypes.
. Being constantly instructed/corrected by my mother.
. Doing the dishes.
. Spoilers.
. Alarm Clocks.
. People who make a big deal(whinning) out of people who make big deals out of things.
. Phones ringing. Phone calls... Phones.
. Not being home.
. My sister.
. Slow internet.
. Password protected WIFI.
. Being approached by random people.
. Surprise visits.
. The Sun.
. The Beach.
. Deadlines.

3/14/2013 10:36:13

like this post very much but why do you dislike Big Bang :/. I understand the feeling of not having a car is sucks big time. and needy/whiny people really annoy me!


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