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Out of these editorials, the most I enjoyed reading was #1:Violent, Drunk and Holding a Gun. It doesn't go very much into details but it gives us an idea of the problem that society has been facing for many years. The gun debate is still a very much discussed topic by everyone, it seems that guns are one of, if not the most controversial topics in history. 

This editorial speaks of how multiple mass shootings by young men has made keeping firearms away from mentally ill people a priority in this discussion and how it is used to reinforce the banning of gun usage. Nevertheless, the federal law currently prohibits guns to subjects which have been found dangerous or have been committed to a mental hospital. It seems that this focus on the mentally ill(mostly non-violent) may have caused society to overlook the broader issue of gun violence, which is people who are more at risk of committing violent crimes but are not barred by federal law from buying and owning guns. It states that, "Unless guns are kept from these high-risk people, preventable gun violence will continue".  By this they mean people who have committed violent misdemeanors and suffer from alcohol abuse. Those mentioned before continue to have the right of gun ownership.    

The author of this article was straight to the point and even if not going into such specific details gave the readers a pretty good idea of how the system works and how they should reflect and see this gun debate from a different point of view. Making sure that risky subjects are made sure never to have guns at hand, helping reduce preventable violence by large numbers. 

Quotes: "But a focus on mass murder, while critical, does not get at the broader issue of gun violence, including the hundreds of single-victim murders, suicides, nonfatal shootings and other gun crimes that occur daily in the United States."
"And focusing on the mentally ill, most of whom are not violent, overlooks people who are at demonstrably increased risk of committing violent crimes but are not barred by federal law from buying and having guns."
"One study found that subjects who had ever been in trouble at work for drinking or were ever hospitalized for alcohol abuse were at increased risk of committing homicide and suicide."

The author seems quite sure and passionate of what he states, he offered valid information that opens our eyes to ways in which firearm problems can be reduced by using straight to the point facts with 

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