The first sounds I remember hearing were the lovely tunes of The Beatles and Elvis Presley. Thanks to my parents I've been introduced to many different genres and eras of music, helping me explore and experience different emotions through them. Although I've grown to enjoy most of them, Rock has always been my preference, being influenced by rhythm and blues and country music. With such a history and variety of sub-genres, it seems impossible for me not to enjoy all of them. It gives a sense of freedom to us, a feeling that not all music can accomplish. In a way, it allows us to separate from reality to feel and act however we desire. It has no limits, no boundaries. Rock music is about expressing what you feel, when you feel it; even if what you feel is absolutely nothing. 

      Along the years the genre has developed so many different styles that shock and influence society in such a way 
that could be divided in ages of rock. Although I've had moments in my life where I listen to some sub genres more 
than others, I mostly enjoy listening to the 20th century sounds of rock. Along with these, I appreciate the great 
cultural impact it had, such as the different fashion trends it inspired. Rock  music  has been a part of  my life since 
I can recall my first memories of picking up a bottle of milk while singing to my Beatle's inspired song. Hopefully,
along the years, rock music will gain the strong influence in society it once possessed. Allowing them to find comfort
and freedom to express themselves in it, as earlier generations once had. 

1/28/2013 23:57:42

As other of our peers you like the variety in music and I do too.

1/29/2013 00:08:48

Nice choice! I used to listen to rock a lot until I came to college (I have no idea what happened...) so I know what you mean about people being able to express themselves through it. And, like you, I do believe (and hope) that the day will come when rock is once again all-powerful.

1/29/2013 00:14:48

Love, Love, Love what you picked. I'm soo happy I'm not the only "old soul" in the bunch.

1/29/2013 00:21:19

I'm surprised because it seems there is a bunch of "old souls" here in the classroom. And specifically, most of us enjoy classic rock. Anyways,I like your style Milibeth

Carlos E. Lugo
1/29/2013 08:07:55

Milibeth I have the same opinion about the message and emotions that bring rock music. When I start college a friend of mine introduce me "Nirvana." I always liked the image of the little child under the water looking for the dollar. I raised with rap/reggaeton but that does not mean I do not like other kind of music. The rock and other kind of rock music bring human emotions through their music instruments. Thats why I love listen over and over "Metalica." One of my favority theme is "One." this theme was created by the references of a film about the Fisrt World War. It is about the suffering of a soldier who came back from the war physically disabled. The theme talk about his emotions. Thanks for share "Pearl Jam" I have never heard about him. I think you bring great information about rock music but I was waiting for more links in your post! :-)

2/4/2013 07:41:48

Well maybe this might not be my type of music, but since everyone is loving it and by the information you make it sound interesting, I think I could give it a try :)

2/5/2013 00:10:38

Since I like different types of music genre I also enjoy listening to rock music, but as you said ""it has a variety of sub-genres" so, some I like and some I don't. Thanks for all that information and history about it that I didn't know =]


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