One of my life long dreams is to travel the world, and I will do anything possible to do this before I kick the bucket. One of the places I think I would start with would probably be the UK. During my research on this grand sovereign state I found a couple of facts that seemed interesting and quite important to me. 

. The UK has well established relations with Australia, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and many South East Asian nations, and has defence links with most countries in the region. 

. The UK is one of the biggest contributors to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

. Nearly 25 million overseas visitors came to the UK in 2003. 

. Scotland has about 790 islands, of which some 130 are inhabited. 

 My research has only made me want to visit the UK even more. Millions of people around the world visit this beautiful place because of it’s variety in landscapes and beautiful scenery. I’m glad to know that they’re very involved in helping resolve crime, and contribute knowledge to many other countries. Scotland would be the first area I’d visit, thanks to the images I've been able to see I have become obsessed with it’s amazing castles and green pastures. It seems very peaceful and awe inspiring. The UK has well established relations with many other countries and most of them are the places I've always wanted to travel to. This inspires me even more to do so. Since visiting only one is not enough for a curious person like me, I plan on continuing to explore the world and hopefully return the beautiful United Kingdom. 

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