While browsing through my blog I realized that in a small amount of time I was able to write quite a few entries, more than I ever thought I could accomplish. When analyzing them I notice that my type of writing is rather impersonal and in a way may seem like I never go too much into details. When choosing a post which I enjoyed before and after posting it,  I picked one that seemed to speak more of how and who I am. 

Break On Through: I picked this entry mainly because I enjoyed the process of actually writing it. It made me think 
of my likes and dislikes, and in a way it made me remember things about my past that can be brought back only 
by music. I like that my personality is a little more present in this post than in others, that I wrote it with 
enthusiasm and was entertained while working. Even though it's quite a short entry, I had a nice time writing it. 
Music is a topic that will always interest me and inspire me, there are so many other themes that can come from
it; the possibilities are endless. 
Magnifying Glass: This is the post I disliked the most. I believe that it's not because it was an uninteresting topic, 
but because I find it so difficult to express myself about such a conflicting subject, that it took me a lot of time 
to finally post it. What I liked about the theme was that I  researched and learned about what I was writing,  
the questions themselves made me ask myself if I was informed enough to comment on the subject and I 
think it helped me realize that we  sometimes talk freely about subjects that we think we know about but 
actually don't without even knowing how wrong we actually are. Being informed is important,  this will 
help you make your point in a smart  way rather than just rambling about things that are untrue.

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