One of my main hobbies is researching, I enjoy spending time learning and stumbling across interesting finds about a variety of things. Most of what I like to research include new words, animals, information on music and film, crime news and info, facts and articles about other countries and their culture, shocking and bizarre news, past centuries, etc. I like this because I'm quite curious and by researching, curiosity turns into an itch I can scratch. I can broaden my knowledge and be entertained at the same time. Even if I'm fond of researching these, I undoubtedly hate researching things that don't interest me at all. I mostly don't enjoy researching much about politics and economy. I like this activity when it's for me, not because I'm being forced to do so for a specific purpose. It kind of feels like I could be using that time to read or watch something of my liking or that I find valuable, rather than doing that which seems useless to me at the moment. Even so, I recognize that all knowledge  is good and useful. Even researching about the things we are not interesting always comes in handy. 

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